Data-driven business requires variety of data sources ingested into your Big Data platform. With Apache Nifi you can build pipelines without writing any single line of code.

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Big Data Pipelines

Data Variety

According to Gartner definition, Big Data not only stands for data volume but also for high-variety information assets. This requires variety of data sources and innovative technology for data ingestion and pipelines.

Apache Nifi

Apache Nifi is powerful tool for scalable data flows and supports data routing, transformation, and system mediation logic. Data provenance feature allows you to track data from beginning to the end.

Apache Nifi allows you to build the pipelines out of ready-to-go components which are called Nifi Processors. The pipeline is constructed within Web Interface which allows rapid development and does not require any code to be written.

Custom features

Building a pipeline through Web UI is like playing with LEGO bricks. In many cases customised bricks are required to unleash the data in external storages.

Public datasets

Publicly available data can boost your analytics and reach the synergy in the era of  Digitalization.

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